About Noeline's is a professional artist with a passion for art. Noeline started to paint in February 2012 and with training from international professionals, she becomes a professional herself. Noeline is motivated and eager to paint all kind of paintings and do not stand back for anything. Noeline will always take any painting as a challenge and complete all her art in 100 % success. Vision The mission of Noeline’s Art Gallery is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The Art Gallery’s mission is to deliver and supply all over South Africa and all international countries. Noeline is 100% motivated to deliver only quality work and to become a famous artist. Noeline’s Art Gallery will always produce new and interesting paintings. About Artist Noeline Du Toit At the age of 60 I decided to do what I always felt was hidden deep inside of me. I had a longing to put on canvas the beauty I see all around me in nature. It was a new experience with a lot of challenges and many hours of studying and practicing of new techniques but it was so rewarding! I took art classes and studied art. I then practiced every new technique I could. My family and friends was a great encouragement in my developing as an artist. After 2 years, I am proud to share some of my works on my website and with the public. I do a variety of techniques so my work is unique with more than one direction. I thank my Heavenly Father for the talent that He has given me and the privilege to express myself in such a way. Greetings
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